Maths Mate Problem Solving

Prediction: I predict this question is going to be about measurement and money.


Read: which deal costs less per litre? A) $32 for 4L or B) $8.5 for 1L.


Big Question: it is asking you which cost more per litre.


Mathematics Toolbox:   I used guess check and improve.


Solve: if 1L is a factor of 4L. So I divided $32 by 4 because we want it to find out what it would cost if it was converted into 1L. And my answer was a) $8 per litre and b) $8.5 per litre. And A wins.


Summary: I used guess, check and improve as a strategy and I figured out what each litre would cost. Term 4 week 7

100 Word Challenge week 13

I listen out for different sounds that scared me, wind, owl’s hooting, and teenagers deep voices. I then hear footstep and those deep voices getting closer to me.

“Who are you?” I ask.

“No reply, then I started to freak.” the tall shadow appeared up on the wall   “I screamed!. Who are you?!”

“I heard cracks in the floor like the person was getting closer.” He says something but not very clear.

“Listen up.” I said” you better leave me alone otherwise there will be trouble. Next it just jumped out at me and it was my adorable dog.

Forensic Scientist Summary

3 facts:

  • Brian E Dalrymple was involved with the International Fingerprinting researcher group.
  • He was the first to use a  Argon Iron laser in a real case.
  • Before he started forensic scientist he was a provisional police officer.

2 understanding:

  • I now understand how the Argon Iron laser works in a real case.
  • I also understand how important it is to be involved in the International Fingerprinting research group as only the best of the best get invited.

1 wondering:

  • I  wonder what Brian would do if he didn’t become a Forensic scientist?

Reading groups reflection

  1. What makes this book good?

I thought this book was good because it was easy and well explained.

  1. What would make this a better book?

I think this book could be better if it was about something more interesting and more exciting.

  1. What is the most important thing the author wants you to know?

I think the most important thing the author wants us to know is that Bean moved to Sydney and doesn’t get to see her parents that much.

  1. Why did the writer write this book?

Maybe because she wanted us to know how to deal with kidnappers and not being around her parents.

  1. What does the audience need to know to understand and enjoy this book?

To be patient and know the book will change and be ready for the change.

Semester two reflection and my goals for 2014

I have achieved my goals for semester two. I achieved finishing my work off on time and always being up to date. I still need to improve on finishing off work at home and putting it onto my blog. Also I have worked on not been too distracted in class and not always talking to my friends. Overall I have achieved what I wanted to work on.


My goals for 2014 is to push myself during hard work as I will be in year 7 work will get tricky sometimes and maybe hard for me to do. Another thing I want to achieve next year is to try out for events that are going on, working in big groups of people and sport teams. My last goal is to have fun and enjoy my first year in high school.

Maths Mate Problem Solving


I think this question is going to be about which one costs less and which one costs more.


Which deal costs less per metre?

a)$1.50 for 15 m

b)$5 for 45 m


I had nothing to clarify.

Big Question:

Find out which one costs less per metre.

Mathematicians Toolbox:

I used: Write a sum or number sentence


To solve this I first multiplied 15 m by 3 to give me 45 m so each one had the same amount to make it easier. Because I multiplied the 15 m by 3 I have to do the same to the $1.50 to keep it equal with the rest. Once that was completed I had the answer: a)$1.50 for 15 m


I think this is a good question to have in the problem solving section because it is a question to make you think but you don’t find it to difficult to complete.

term 4 week 6

100 Word Challenge

I walk along the empty beach while the news reporters voice passes through my head about a disaster accrued in the Philippines by the typhoons. I saw a letter in a shinny glass bottle. “Help?” I shouted. Reading through the message written on the letter. When I pulled the letter out, I pour sand out as well. I put the lid back on and ran to my dad. I demand he looks at the bottle to find out where the letter came from. 
“Hope, this sand is from the Philippines.” John Dad’s friend informs me. Send my savings to ‘World Vision’! term 4 week 12

Interview With A Scientist

Introduction: Hi and welcome to the Crime Q and A show. Today we are interviewing Lauren; Lauren is a Forensic Scientist who specialises in Handwriting Analysis’. Let’s get started.


Q- How do you compare the suspect’s handwriting to find out who wrote the message?

A – We compare the suspect’s handwriting to what is called an original piece of writing.

Q – Is there different ways people write?

A – Yes there is, for example there is smooth and shaky, space and size, pen lifts and straight and long.

Q – We all know how people write but how do they write their letters?

A – They can write their letters unusually and what is called a backwards tail.

Q – What are some of the finer details you look at from a piece of handwriting?

A – The finer details we look at are the handwriting angles are on a slant and the letter sizing.

Q – What troubles do you go through as an expert to find out whose handwriting it is?

A – A trouble that accrues is the fancy letters because it can be hard to read.

Q – Does it change the writing if they have pressed to hard or it’s shaded?

A – Yes

Instructional Text

Here is how to give a perfect speech.


  • Person to speak
  • A topic
  • Audience
  • Palm sized cue cards


  1. First you need to find a topic to speak about.
  2. You then need to go onto the Internet or research books to find useful information.
  3. Once you have all your information gathered you might want to just encase read over all your collected information and make sure its just talking about your topic and not any information your audience doesn’t need to hear.
  4. Then you need to put all your information together and organised to present to your audience.
  5. Make sure when you present to your audience that you project your voice, have good eye contact, excellent body language and make sure you know as much as you can about your topic encase of important question.

Madame Tussaud

As I walked into Madame Tussauds also known as the Wax Museum in America one of the statues just caught my eye, so I ran straight to the girl and it was the singer Rihanna in a beautiful sequined, colourful, sparkly and patterned bikini and high colourful heels.

When I was waiting in front of Rihanna for my mum to take heaps of pictures. When she did I stood next to Rihanna and did that same pose as her, which was to have your hands above your head and crossed over each other and to have one leg bent to the side.

I took a few last pictures with Rihanna and friends, but then we had to keep moving along to the other was statues.

Some other statues I really like too was Michael Jackson, Obama, Forest Gump, E.T, Michael Jordan, Spiderman, Alfred Hitchcock and many more.

Sometime when I was walking around I got a bit scared and excited because I actually thought the wax statues were real and were moving when I was looking away.

Once we finished up look through the wax museum we decide to walk around Hollywood and see some famous peoples stars, and that was really fascinating and cool to look at and even walk over. My favourite one was Michael Jacksons one because he probably has touched it.

When I was in Hollywood I did not enjoy the food at all because I got a sandwich from star bucks and it had mustard all inside of it. As you can tell I hate mustard.

Overall my stay in America was amazing.